I've never enjoyed working out so much. The positive energy that you feel there is amazing. Maria gives you great motivation to keep you on track with both your nutrition and your daily workout. The classes are always different that are so much fun and something you will always look forward to attending.


- Ashley Collegio

Frequently asked questions

Am I able to attend any class time or just the one I chose as my preferred class?

Yes, you're able to attend any class, at any time, as frequently as you'd like. As long as you've chosen the five day a week program. Otherwise you're able to attend any time you'd like for the amount of days you've chosen.

How long is each class?

45 Minutes.

What days are the classes offered?

Monday thru Friday.

Is this program right for me? I haven't worked out in years and I’m overweight.

Yes, we'll tailor this program to suit your individual needs with a ton of motivation and guidance. We're here for you.

Is this program right for me? I love a high intensity workout.

Yes, we'll tailor this program for your needs. Everyone works at their own level. Modifications are given based on your needs, whether it be higher or lower intensity.

I've tried everything and haven't been able to lose weight, why should I try KARMA Fitness and Wellness?

With Maria Ragosa as the owner and head instructor of the program she's been there. She's struggled and knows how to help. This program is different, we're offering you non-stop guidance with instructors that know your name and want to help you succeed. We'll be checking in with you to make sure you're staying on track coming to class and following our nutritional plan. If you want the help we're here to give it.

What are KARMA Fitness and Wellness' classes like?

We offer a combination of cardio and strength training.

How are KARMA classes different than gym classes?

You're going to see the same members and instructor all the time. You will have a bond with the members and together you'll encourage each other. We are a no judgement zone. The instructors are walking around correcting your form, checking in, and giving you modifications as needed to ensure your safety.

Do you have machines to work out on?

No, we do not utilize any machines. We have a ton of fun things to make the classes enjoyable and different, so you'll never get bored. We include free weights, obstacle courses, kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance bands and other fun objects in our classes.

What types of programs do you offer?

KARMA Fitness and Wellness offers a 2, 3 or 5 day week program. You choose what works best for your schedule.

What times do you offer classes?

Class times are 5:00am, 8:15am, 9:20am, 10:15am and 7pm.

What should I wear to KARMA?

You can wear comfortable workout clothing and a pair of new sneakers, never worn outside. Call them your KARMA sneakers. We have high-end brand new mats that we want to be perfectly clean when you're lying on the floor exercising.

What's the nutrition like?

We focus our attention on clean eating and foods that make us "run" better and feel better. Our motivational approach and continual positive encouragement will keep you in a healthy frame of mind.

I have Celiac disease, can I follow your nutrition program?

You sure can. We've had many people with Celiac disease successfully follow our nutrition plan with great success.

I'm a vegetarian, can I follow your nutrition program?